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unorthodox methodologies reading group

The group was formed by invitation extended to students in the Urban Education Program at The Graduate Center, CUNY, sent by Bibi Calderaro at the end of the spring semester, 2020. Its convocation was in response to Bibi’s need to expand research about research methodologies, in particular in the field of education, as a way to further inquire about qualitative and post-qualitative methodologies available to the social sciences in the second decade of the 21st century. Its most stable form consisted of students in different stages of their doctoral studies from the programs in Urban Education, Developmental Psychology and Sociology.

Here you will find a wishful list of texts and the actual texts put together in the form of a syllabus. Feel free to comment on what crucial texts might be missing, bearing in mind that this exploration only lasted 10 weeks.

unorthodox reading group—initial wish list

Syllabus of readings for Unorthodox Methodologies Reading Group